La Françoise….

Françoise reminds me of school. Not school uniforms but of French classes. Our French textbook at school was called “Arc en Ciel” and all I remember from that text book was the name François and Françoise. I always found it odd how in French you could have interchangeable masculine and feminine names when in English we don’t. Anyway, boring history trip of my life aside… Tilly (& the Buttons) has used the name for something infinitely cooler than my old French language textbook….


I’m not going to lie to you, this is a fabulously easy dress to make! Even more so with Tilly’s brilliant instructions. I spent precisely one afternoon doing this, so I can tell you, it’s quick too!

Françoise, Francoise dress, Tilly and the Buttons Sewing Pattern

And for an added bonus, I used up fabric from my fabric hoard, that I had dug out of the remnant bin for £4 – a lovely weight stretch cotton sateen. And in a completely shock move I chose a fabric that was not predominantly black or white!

Due to the stretch, I didn’t even bother with a zip…. The only downside is that with such a bold print, it detracts from the French darts on the dress which are an interesting feature in themselves.  For a wearable toile, this dress has turned out quite well, I added 2 cm length in 2 places but next time I will be needing to lower the bust dart a little bit.

Françoise, Francoise dress, Tilly and the Buttons Sewing Pattern



About Freya

I love everything there is about sewing - oh, except for cutting out fabric.... I'm the creator of Elise Patterns - an independent lingerie sewing pattern company - based in London. When I'm not doing that, I can sometimes be found writing on my personal sewing blog - Handmade By Freya. I appreciate all of your lovely thoughtful comments and opinions! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read what I write.
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3 Responses to La Françoise….

  1. terzibegum says:

    I agree, this is an awesome pattern! Your dress is turned out so nice with this lovely fabric!

  2. Béa says:

    Wow, that’s really striking! Good luck in the competition! I don’t envy Tilly, trying to get a shortlist together.

  3. Tia Dia says:

    LOVE that fabric. Perfect little dress.

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