Knippie, Childrenswear, Girl's dress, 09-03-2014

Knippie July 2014 – Little Bird Dress

I’m not in the habit of making things for other people as there never seems to be enough time in the day to do all the things you want to!

The exception of course is for my sister and my beautiful nephews and niece. They seem to be my kryptonite. And whilst I don’t make a habit of making childrenswear, it’s actually kind of fun. It’s quick and pretty easy to do especially if you are a beginner.

Although, I did make life a bit more complicated for myself by borrowing my mum’s basic sewing machine – it’s just never the same as the one you use, it’s like driving a car in a different country on the wrong side of the road!

And then because I wasn’t at home, I didn’t have access to my serger to finish the seams and this being childrenswear – I vaguely remembered everything has to be made for comfort. So I then dismantled the seams and re-did the seams as French seams…. Perhaps I make too much work for myself?

Back to the dress, I picked up the June/July edition of Knippie the last time I was over in the Netherlands.

Knippie, Childrenswear, Girl's dress, 09-03-2014

I flicked through the pages and knew immediately that I wanted to make this little number for my new niece – dress number 9.




Knippie, Childrenswear, Girl's dress, 09-03-2014

This is what it looks like in the line drawing…

Knippie, Childrenswear, Girl's dress, 09-03-2014


My version consisted of some cute bird print fabric and a pale blue and white wavy patterned fabric – both from fabrics galore. I made up the 80cm size and had plenty left over from the 0.5m of fabric that I bought. I love that you can buy more expensive fabric and still have a relative bargain at £10 for 1 dress! :-).

Here’s my niece rocking her new look at her Christening last weekend. And in case you’re asking why I didn’t get a better picture of the dress, i.e. take a picture before she wore it… I left it to the last minute to finish the dress, which will probably surprise nobody.  I could hear the Church bells ringing whilst I was still sewing on the buttons… Seriously, need to get out of doing that!!

Knippie 09-03-2014, Girl's dress Knippie 09-03-2014, Girl's dress

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