A Little Retro Magic….

So this kind of happened over Christmas…. I bought a vintage Singer 317 off eBay.

One minute I was looking for a cheap second-hand (read: portable) sewing machine that I could have at my parent’s house when I stumbled across this lovely (not portable) machine in a beautiful mid-century cabinet that matches my furniture at home.


The next thing I know I’m bidding on this without thinking through the logistics of this…. It was located an hour away and I don’t have a car…. Minor detail, Watson, Minor detail…

Enter one very kind friend of mine who was willing to use her 4 by 4 to good use and venture into the flood plains of Surrey with me in return for dinner and cinema.

Singer 317, Vintage Sewing Machine

What makes this sewing machine all the more valuable is that when I got to the seller’s house, I met the owner of this sewing machine, his mother. She told me that her husband had bought it for her in the 60s and that it had brought her a lot of happiness. (She had looked after this machine impeccably getting it regularly serviced, the machine came complete with manual and accessories.)

It was lovely to be able to say to her that her machine would be going to another sewer’s home and that it would be well cared for.

I just love the cabinet and the machine works perfectly. I’ve even finished a couple of things on it already…. I am so happy with my eBay win.

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