Reasons I’m a terrible Aunty: I never seem to be able to post presents to my nephews on time…

Reasons I’m an awesome Aunty: When my nephews ask me to make them superhero capes, I make them…

Superhero Cape for children

Bonus for me is that I used up some stash fabric and finished off two UFO’s from December.

DSC_0058_01 DSC_0062_01

If you want to make something similar, these are my construction details:

I didn’t measure anything, I just eyeballed everything and then tore along the grain to get 2 rectangles of fabric. I folded the edges over twice about 5mm then sewed them down as the fabric frays like mad. I applied elastic loosely to the top and applied a small adhesive velcro square at the front of the cape so they are able to get them off easily and are safe to use. I used Bondaweb to fuse the initials (which I had drawn paper templates for) onto the gold polyester then edge stitched around them. I interfaced the gold squares and slipstitched them onto the back of the capes.


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