10 things I hate about Knitting…

There are reasons why I don’t knit and usually it’s because I am rubbish at it…

So I blame Lauren from Lladybird for starting my latest attempt at knitting. I saw the Owls Jumper she made and immediately wanted to make it too. Forgetting that I’m actually pretty rubbish at knitting.

I needed to start off small, so I found myself this hat pattern with owls on Ravelry by Ruthie Nussbaum as a happy compromise. Bonus – it’s a free pattern and has owls!

I had some wool leftover from some long abandoned project years ago – No idea what the wool is except that it goes from thick to thin and is variegated in colour. And it had 5.5mm needles with it. So I went out, bought myself some circular needles in the same size and started knitting – courtesy of an old book in my bookcase and my long suffering knitting friend – Kat. Seriously, the amount of panicked texts I sent her…

So I started casting on 90 stitches and started knitting…. about five attempts of casting on later I gave up with the blue wool and found myself some nicer wool.


Rowan Cocoon Lavender Ice to be exact. Pretty pricey too… So I only bought one hank/ball/whatever you call it. I’m only making a hat, I’ll only need one…. right?

So I start casting on and knitting again… Only to discover I’ve started doing a diagonal rib. I literally wanted to scream at this point…. So for, attempt number 7 of casting on, I begin…. and then things seem to magically start coming together….


I’ve finished the ribbing and cabling (and typically, I’ve lost my cabling needle after 1 row).  Then, I tell my mother about all my knitting dramas and she just laughs at me…

But things are going well and I start getting cocky – I take my knitting with me on the bus and train to work…

It’s going great and i’ve started decreasing the stitches now and i’m on the home stretch until…. I sodding run out of wool of course. So, I end up having to buy another ball of wool in order for me to finish the darn thing! After I finish the hat, I block the hat using a kitchen plate.

Clearly, the hat still has the last laugh as my camera then stops working as I take pictures because I haven’t charged the battery.

Lavender wool Owls Hat DSC_0086_01 DSC_0097_01 DSC_0098_01

Despite all the drama, I am actually really happy with the hat and I’m already planning on knitting something more ambitious. However I have now ordered myself a load of bamboo yarn because it was on sale and I don’t know what the hell to do with it! I didn’t realise it wouldn’t be suitable for the project I had in mind until it got to me as it has an irregular tension.

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