Top 4 Misses of 2013….



I actually didn’t make enough in 2013 to have 5… which is a positive thing until I start remembering the actual misses of 2013 for me!

4 The Colette Laurel Dress – I made this tunic shift dress thing and I made it too Effing small 🙂 hence un petit desastre. I occasionally cram myself into the floral number but have not worn the black & white version as I still haven’t hemmed it… Completely unmotivated to finish it.

Colette laurel

3 Blue floral corset – despite being really happy with my pattern matching, it all comes down to fit. A few weight fluctuations between drafting the corset and making it up and the fit sucks… Such a shame.



My Mum’s tunic coat dress thing – from a Burda Pattern – I’m not keen and did a rubbish job on the inside seams. I guess my mum likes it but I know it’s not my best effort.



My endless list of UFO’s – including my friend’s corset and the box of shame. Named so because I found a box big enough to put all of my UFO’s in and then promptly hid it under my bed. And that darn corset, still a year in the making. I lost enthusiasm after an incident involving silk, the over eager use of fray-stop and an indelible stain. Haven’t had the heart to cut out another pattern piece to be honest.

Oh, look, another UFO…. (This is supposed to be a wearable toile of Papercut Patterns’ Sylphide Blouse)

Started and did not finish this Papercut Patterns wearable Toile

Started and did not finish this Papercut Patterns wearable Toile

About Freya

I love everything there is about sewing - oh, except for cutting out fabric.... I'm the creator of Elise Patterns - an independent lingerie sewing pattern company - based in London. When I'm not doing that, I can sometimes be found writing on my personal sewing blog - Handmade By Freya. I appreciate all of your lovely thoughtful comments and opinions! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read what I write.
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4 Responses to Top 4 Misses of 2013….

  1. Tracy Young says:

    oh bless you! i think that you’re pretty brave to even think about a corset never mind sewing one! i have a big bag of shame in my loft, due to cant be arsed to finish off hems/huge weight gain blah blah blah, my new years resolution to make more of an effort to not have such a mountain of unfinished/crap stuff!!
    Happy New Year and i love your blog xx

    • Freya says:

      Ah Thank you! That’s really sweet of you! Happy New year to you too. I hate really hate hemming. Hemming and cutting out patterns! If I become super organised this year, I might try and finish off one UFO per month in addition to all the other things I need to do! But sometimes they’re a UFO for a reason aren’t they? Like weight fluctuations or just falling out of love with the design/fabric, that’s when I think why bother finishing it? xx

  2. 5currantbuns says:

    Oh, sorry to hear about the floral corset, it looks lovely though

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