My Mini Colour Palette

Have you seen the guide on how to make yourself your own colour palette on Gillian’s blog Crafting a Rainbow? I was so inspired to try it even though I haven’t exactly made much this year. Yep, reading through my past blog posts this year definitely made me realise that even more.

However, you can make colour palettes for anything, so I can’t wait to start on my A/W colour palette/planning mode. I mean I already have a list of things I want to make – on paper, but this is such a great way to visualise the gaps in your wardrobe and plan it. I always thought that this would be really hard and that you needed expensive programmes like photoshop, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that you only really need to have your word processor for it.


If you would like instructions on how to do one for yourself, head on over to Gillian’s blog as she has an excellent detailed tutorial on it. Then get planning and show everybody your work!

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