Colette Laurel two ways…

In a crazy fit of creativity, I managed to knock out two dresses over the weekend. Two versions of Colette Patterns’ Laurel dress, just in time for the contest that they are holding.

Here’s the first:


This lovely print fabric is viscose/rayon and from Fabrics galore in Battersea. I made this dress as a wearable toile, the bust darts are in the original position and too high for my bust but the floral print hides it well. I am also realising how ridiculously tall I am!!! Why did I not add extra inches??!! Sometimes I am definitely in height denial 🙂


I love shift dresses, they are my favourite dress to wear and are the perfect dress to wear to work. A couple of months ago, I spotted a lovely black and white version in Anthropologie in their sale. But at £65 or something like that, I still thought it was a bit steep so instead of buying it, I just thought to myself I’ll make one myself. Of course, if it hadn’t been for the competition, I probably would never have gotten round to making this version. It’s not exactly the same as the Anthropologie dress as that had Raglan Sleeves and I was too short on time to figure out changing set in sleeves to raglan sleeves.

For the black and white dress, I lowered the bust dart 6cm and omitted the zip. The black fabric is viscose/rayon and has a lovely drape and the white part is silk crepe de chine.


(It is plain white on the top, it’s just my dress form is wearing a mickey mouse t-shirt which I use to hide the bra that is underneath, don’t want to offend my housemate!)

From the back:ImageImage

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