Survival Art!

Last weekend I headed on over to Somerset house for the School for Creative Start Up’s Showcase (phew! That was a mouthful!!). It’s a year-long business programme for creatives interested in starting their own business led by a guy called Doug Richard who some may remember from the UK version of Dragon’s Den. Well, the showcase is an opportunity for graduates of that programme to show their wares to the general public. The amount of talented people all under one roof was mind-blowing and inspirational! From people who designed latex lingerie to concept furniture and music festivals, it was pretty diverse!

Now you’re probably reading this and thinking well, what does this all have to do with sewing and fabric? Well, I am getting there I promise! Being a sewer, one stand in particular caught my eye and it was called Survival Arts. Survival Arts produce fabric that is inspired by endangered species in order to promote their endangered status’ to the public. I love the concept behind this and I am pretty enamoured of their designs – Mainly because I’ve been obsessed with bumblebees since I was little! Seriously, if I could have a bee hive in my garden on my roof or in my garden I would! Don’t you think this is a great idea? They’re only a start-up at the moment, so they’re not in shops yet but I think they are working on that!


Wouldn’t this one be great as a tea dress? (I’m really impressed that an 8 year old designed this fabric!)


They are also running a fabric design competition, so if you are interested, have a look over here.


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