How Much is that Leopard Print Swimsuit in the Window?

Morley college, where i’ve done a couple of courses, currently have an exhibition displaying past student’s work. I went and had a look after work as I had lent my swimsuit to the exhibition. Imagine my surprise when I walk up to it and see it prominently displayed in the window! Cue embarrassed bashful smiling but also a little squeal of joy….


View from the back:


Aside from my 5 minutes of fame in the window, I just want to point out the insane level of skills that some of the other students on these courses have (Morley is an adult community college and not a specialist college of fashion!) – take this boned ballet bodice  below:


And no, that is not a printed fabric, that is all hand embroidered….

…. And then look at this exquisite tailored man’s jacket with black ombre dyed evening gown!


I know Envy is supposed to be one of the seven deadly sins, but seriously how you can you not be envious!?

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