New York, New York….

If ever there was a case of the green-eyed monster, it was me, Saturday afternoon in the Garment District. Proper, full on, Jealousy. A horribly unattractive quality I know, but the sewists of New York do not realise how lucky they are!!! Shop upon shop of beautiful fabrics and unlimited haberdashery, all within walking distance of each other… I was in heaven! I was ready to go home, pack up my bags and move to New York permanently – Clearly forgetting the tricky part of obtaining a work permit and job obviously…


I had less than 24 hours in New York, a quick break in my travels on my way back from a holiday in Costa Rica with friends and whilst my friends ran off to Times square and up the Empire state, I naturally ran off to the garment district. Is it wrong that I was more excited about visiting the shops made famous by bloggers such as Gertie and BurdaStyle than seeing any of the sights? (Ok, it wasn’t my first time in New York, but it was my first trip since I started sewing).

Seriously though, I think what impressed me the most about the garment district is that these shops are aimed at both trade and the home seamstress. The range of haberdashery that is available is astonishing. Something that we just do not have access to here in London unless you are in the trade. Places like Macculloch & Wallis and Klein’s really don’t compare…



So understandably, in the couple of hours that I had in the garment district, I went a bit mad… Guess which idiot got so caught up in the moment and bought a glue gun and then forgot about the different voltages in our countries?

I mostly stocked up on random haberdashery items that I know are cheaper in the US than in the UK, so nothing too exciting.


The only fabric I bought was a lovely Bemberg rayon lining from Paron’s annex and heavily discounted silk shantung from the shop next door. Rather restrained for me to be honest, but I’m running out of excuses to justify my fabric hoarding…


One thought on “New York, New York….

  1. Byron James says:

    I went to NY in June this year and had a similar experience.

    I always watched Project Runway and was keen to visit Mood Fabrics. Well, after finding the building lobby and going up in the old style lift (complete with an elevator operator getting us to each floor manually) I entered Mood with aisle upon aisle upon aisle (upon aisle) of fabric. Every fabric ever placed on someones body was present. They had sections for all the different types of material around, then each section had so many different rolls of fabric that I’m sure the world could exist on fabric from their store alone.

    I actually felt ANGRY to think how little is available back here in London when compared.

    That’s not to mention the thousands trimmings, zips, fastenings etc available in the stores like you mention.

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