Happy 2013!

Wow! 2012 was a bit of a bust in terms of sewing for me… So in the spirit of it being the new year (am I still allowed to say it, 14 days after the fact?!! ) i’m not going to dwell on last year’s past achievements. It’s a new year, it’s a new me and I’m feeling fine…. Or so Nina Simone kind of says šŸ™‚

And so, in the spirit of 2013 and all things new, here’s what I made for my cute little nephews for their Christmas presents! I know it isn’t Christmas anymore but you can never post about presents before you give them can you! Clearly I did not make any of the other toys in the picture….





My sister had seen some cushions in a shop somewhere and wanted initials made for them. I was hoping to make everybody something handmade for Christmas but I just ran out of time! So only my nephews got something handmade. The worst part about the cushions was definitely making the little hole in the R cushion… They’re certainly not perfect but I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.

And what I discovered in the process of making these cushions is that you almost certainly do NOT need to buy an expensive piping foot to insert piping, an invisible zipper foot can make do!

Talking of other handmade gifts… My friend Jamie made this deliciously cute doorstep – Colin the Christmas Chicken:-

updated chick


Cute! Perhaps I can persuade Jamie to post a little tutorial for me…


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