A little something for me…

I am in dire need of a new coat and whilst I love this winter’s trends with metal studs or leather accents, the boxy shapes are doing nothing for my top heavy shape. And despite my disaster with the Lady Grey Coat from a couple of years ago – a hard lesson to learn I have to admit, but despite all the hand sewing and time invested in making that coat it unfortunately did nothing for my figure. Undeterred, I have decided to try again… Originally inspired by this:- the Whistles Camille Coat (Yes, and if you are reading this Kate it really is called that….) images

Image from ASOS – I absolutely adore it but unfortunately I don’t have £250 to spend. I could wait until the sales but my current jackets are woefully inadequate for winter, so I turned to Burdastyle in desperation… and found this:Untitled

From Burdastyle 10/2010 Number 112.

Then I raided my fabric stash and found some wool coating material and Bemberg lining – where I got that from I really cannot remember but I think they were gifted to me.

I randomly added an extra 3″ to the body and 2″ to the sleeves. I made it up in the 42. Here I am wearing a fleece underneath, ensuring that I can wear jumpers underneath it! It fits better with a normal jumper.

From the front:


From the back:


This is probably the photo with the most realistic colour – You can see I have to sort out the left hand sleeve, the sleeve lining is pulling up the coat sleeve but that will only take a couple of minutes.


The gratuitous inside coat shot:-
And from behind with a 3cm pleat – it’s been a while since I stuck a label in… but it feels good!
I’ve interlined this coat with cotton domette that I had ordered originally and cut out for another project but then decided against because that coat was already interlined with hair canvas and would have been far too hot to wear! So I frankensteined all the cotton domette pieces together so I could cut them out again, not that you would notice as it is all on the inside. Instead of adding a zip like the Whistles coat, I’m adding poppers on the inside. I didn’t have enough fabric to make the duffle coat style pockets so left it with single welt pockets.
The hardest part with this coat? Sourcing the toggle buttons! I want toggle buttons that are pre-strung onto leather tabs or a buckle but there doesn’t seem to be any affordable options here in the UK.(I found one site quoting £3.99 per toggle pair, I think that’s pretty steep, anyone else think so?) I was also suggested MJ Trims/Pacific trims but their postage is exorbitant to the UK. However, I have found a tutorial…. So I’ll keep you all posted!

2 thoughts on “A little something for me…

  1. Catherine says:

    Did you ever post a picture of the finished Lady Grey? There is no way I would make it – all that extra fabric over my hips – no thanks! I am however planning a coat for winter (though probably NEXT winter at my speed!)

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