My Home Made Life…

I’m not much of a home decor sewer but you know when things need doing, they just need doing! Talking of which, I still haven’t finished my quilt and I fear that quilt finishing must be a genetic thing as my mum still hasn’t finished the same quilt she’s been working on for the past 30 years!

I used a really easy Roman blind kit that had super easy peasy instructions to make up two Roman Blinds (made using this kit from John Lewis). Fabric was from Fabrics Galore (Prestige Textiles), Blackout Lining from Goldhawk Road. I need to make a matching curtain with the remaining fabric but I’ve not the correct curtain rail for it yet, so I’ll probably leave it until I get that.

Then on top of that, I acquired a 1940s Dresser that I randomly picked up on the street a few months ago (that NEVER happens round here!). It was late at night and yes, there may have been wine involved in my decision making process…

I should have taken better pictures but it had paint splodges, ring stains and burn marks plus a missing knob. No rude pun intended!

A couple of weekends spent removing heavyweight varnish and sanding it down, I managed to get rid of the water stains but not the burn marks. However, it still looks a lot better. Four coats of varnish later and I have an almost brand new 1940s dresser!

I debated simply painting it in a pastel colour and giving it the distressed finish but the veneer was nice and it wouldn’t have matched any of my other furniture if I had done that.

The small bone door knobs are from a little shop called Graham & Green

So, I still need to fix some veneer to the bottom, but hey, it’s still better than anything from Ikea isn’t it?

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