Au revoir 2011 et bonjour 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!! I’ve got a feeling that 2012 is going to be immense!

I’ve been wondering what resolutions I can make for this year that I can break pretty much immediately? Resolutions, it seems are made to be broken! I was going to give up chocolate, however I ate the last two Cadbury’s mini eggs this morning before I thought this, so I can’t do that anymore! Yes, Cadbury’s mini eggs were in the shop before New Year had even started. Ridiculous!!

So, here were my sewing resolutions for 2011

  1. Cut down on fabric stash – Well, I epically failed there. The stash is now bigger than ever. I’m like the archetypal girl who hides her shopping from her boyfriend (guess what? I’ve done that too!!), so I’ve been hiding my fabric purchasing shame from all of you…
This is only a part of it!
  1. Make a leather jacket – What Leather Jacket???? I had completely forgotten about this! 
  2. Finish my lingerie course – Yay!! I completed one resolution! 
  3. Be more patient when I finish garments, pay more care and attention to the fit and finish of things – Well, I probably do take more care over things now I suppose, but I think this one, is going to be more of a long term goal.
This year’s Hits and Misses were:

Misses – I have four UFOs that taunt me…

Vogue 1159 – Donna Karan Dress – I used the straight stitch on a sewing machine to sew up a knit. Enough said.

Vintage Sewalong – Butterick 7049 – I completely lost interest in this project. It now hangs unloved and awaiting buttonholes on the back of my study door.

Vogue 1174 – Cynthia Steffe Dress  – I’m still terrified of cutting into the Liberty fabric. Although, I have made progress by re-adjusting the pattern and making another toile of this dress.

Simplicity Cynthia Rowley Dress – It’s all cut out and ready to go. I just ran out of time at the end of the summer. It’s just not an Autumn/Winter sort of dress…


I completed my course in lingerie making and got a distinction!

Here are some of my sewing highlights this year…

The Bombshell Dress

Colette Peony

Burdastyle 101

If you want to see all the things that I made in 2011, click here or click on the Stitch List tab at the top.

Are you wondering what my 2012 resolutions will be? Ok, alright then…

1. More Lingerie and Corsetry

2. Learning how to make trousers

3. Cutting down on my fabric and pattern stash

4. Try and be more productive

Here’s hoping you all have a lovely New Year’s and wishing you all a healthy, happy 2012!

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