A Pretty Peony…

I made this dress up after rummaging around in my wardrobe in despair because I couldn’t find anything I liked enough to wear! This is Colette Patterns’ Peony dress. Version 1 with a few modifications. Alterations: Lowered the bust darts and decreased them a little. Then I made up the lining dress without altering the length, and realised that this was pretty short, so I added 2″ to the skirt of the outer fabric. Finally, as I do love a bit of skin and the high neck of a boat neck neckline, I like them more when they are countered at the back with a scooped neckline. So, I measured down from nape to just above bra band (very scientific!) and used my pattern master to make the scooped back line. Because I hate wearing dresses that require special bras!

I used a black all over lace – I’m pretty sure this is synthetic – I bought about 5 yards of this off Etsy about a year ago. Not one of my finest purchasing moments to be honest – I was swayed by the word ‘vintage’ in the ad. You know when people label something vintage because they think it looks vintage but it actually isn’t? And then they don’t clarify it in the advert. Pretty cheeky if you ask me. Experiences like that really put me off buying any fabric off eBay and Etsy.

The lining is a black synthetic georgette from John Lewis – another purchasing mistake. Firstly it’s synthetic and secondly I bought it at John Lewis, possibly the most expensive place to buy fabric. However, I’m really glad that for this dress, I managed to use up two fabrics from my stash, so that’s definitely a bonus! This is definitely going to be one of my new year resolutions… The details: The dress is a combination of French seams and zig zag seams. This is my preferred seam for curved seams, where French seams aren’t great. I trimmed the 2 large bust darts and sewed them like they were a French dart. I added a navy invisible zip because I had no black ones, so this will have to be rectified at a later date. As I made a lining for the dress, I skipped the facings and I opted not to add pockets. Future modifications – I think I would slim the sleeves down a little, they’re a bit too baggy for my liking. Overall, I am loving this dress! Be warned though, there is definitely another one on its way…

6 thoughts on “A Pretty Peony…

  1. molly says:

    Oh, I like your alterations. I didn’t like the pattern when it first came out, but now I see that that is because it was only shown in pastel colors, which really turns me off. It looks great with the lace sleeves!

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