Remember this old disaster?? Ok, I probably didn’t admit to it at the time that it was a disaster but it is…

Well, it’s funny what a good photo can do – you see, in this photo I think the coat actually looks quite flattering on me. In reality, I think it’s what Americans like to call a ‘Hot Mess’! Although I’m never too sure what a ‘hot mess’ really means – is it something that is really trashy but good? Or does it just mean awful, awful, awful?!  As a result, I’ve worn this coat about once. People, that really is not a good situation – economically speaking, I don’t even want to think about how much the lining, shell fabric and hair canvas adds up to!

It seems that you can follow a sewalong like the Colette Lady Grey one hosted by Gertie’s blog last year and read a Tailoring book but still get a lot of things wrong!

So, a year later I signed up to do a two day masterclass in tailoring – specifically focusing on constructing the front/back of a jacket with fusibles and canvas. I wasn’t sure I would learn that much, foolishly thinking that I probably knew what I needed to know from doing the Lady Grey Sewalong last year! I was wrong, there was a lot to learn! Understanding the rationale of why we construct things in the way we do makes so much sense when you see it being demonstrated in person and by an industry professional! It was my first time doing a course at Morley College and I was really impressed, our tutor was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her subject – always good! The rooms were well lit and equipped, oh and it wasn’t too far from home for me – bonus!

We came away with a sample of a tailored woman’s jacket. There is A LOT of hand sewing when you tailor!

Our tutor also brought in one of her capes from her own label – I am in love. I can’t stop thinking about making one now, even though I already have a high street one…. Right, I’m off to deconstruct that jacket of mine…

3 thoughts on “TailorMade…

  1. flo says:

    my lady grey was definately not what i hoped for too. i didn’t get horse hair canvas or anything because i was a bit dubious right from the start. in fact, the whole sew along buiso really freaked me out. but anyway! i’m so glad that you got to do this workshop. would love to see your next finished jacket and get some tips for improvement!!

    • Freya says:

      The sewalong was pretty full on but my inner geek loves that sort of thing! My problem though is that I love learning about all sorts of different techniques and whilst my technical sewing skills have improved a lot – I really need to improve on how things fit me and learning what works best for me. I think years of accepting badly fitted RTW clothes has clouded my judgement!

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