The Wedding Dress of All Wedding Dresses…

Nope, I am not getting married. And no, I am not referring to that wedding dress back in April. Yes, I know, it was Alexander McQueen…

But this is Carolina Herrera….

Bet nobody was expecting me to admit at my grand old age that I’m a Twilight fan and yes if you are asking, I am definitely Team Edward… (I am inwardly cringeing as I write that statement!)

And if I had a spare £20,000 lying around, I would definitely be tempted to buy that dress! But more so I could examine the hems and the construction! 🙂

The details are amazing! (152 buttons from the neck down to the hemline!) It’s said to be inspired by the Regency/Edwardian period… Lovely!

One of the reasons I love this dress – apart from the fact it has lots of Chantilly Lace (Yum!) is the strong resemblance to the 1930s dresses that I love. I love the elegant lines of the dresses of this period, the bias cuts and Madeleine Vionnet…

Madeleine Vionnet

Both Images from Eva Dress

I have these two pretties in my pattern stash… (bought from Eva Dress a while ago). And one of these days I will get round to making them! Aren’t they beautiful?

4 thoughts on “The Wedding Dress of All Wedding Dresses…

  1. Anne W says:

    Team Edward here too! And I loved the back on that dress, I just expected the front to be a little “more” somehow… I suppose with wedding dresses the back is the part people see more of (in the ceremony at least) so it makes perfect sense to focus detail there. I love how far down it comes too.

    • Freya says:

      The back of the dress is lovely and I love how far down it goes too! I guess because of the detail on the back, you couldn’t have anything too fussy at the front because it would detract from it.

  2. flo says:

    Team Jacob all the way!!! I really was not a fan of this movie, but saw it, just for the dress. It was worth it. It really is so beautiful. Love those other patterns you got there.

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