Look what I was lucky enough to receive the other day – More silk!! Thank you Oma!!

This orange silk is a bit darker than in the photo but I’m still not to sure what I will make with it, it is a bit vivid! Perfect for any self-respecting Dutch person! Maybe I should make a smart and sexy shift dress in bright orange silk? Definitely more becoming than the usual orange football t-shirt I think…. Any other thoughts on what I could make with it?

As it is more of a burnt orange colour, I’m rather taken with this top that Sarai from Colette patterns made in a similar colour – perhaps I could make it up in a Colette Patterns Sencha top with either black or white buttons down the back… Or even the Clover trousers that she made too… Any thoughts??

4 thoughts on “Silk!

    • Freya says:

      Ha ha I was thinking the same about shiny trousers! Yes, the silk is actually quite lightweight so probably not suitable for trousers anyway but perfect for a blouse!

  1. Nienke says:

    I only just started reading your blog, but didn’t fully realise that you’re Dutch, until I saw the word ‘Oma’! Isn’t that the best word ever for an oma? I love love love the red to pink silk. Wish I could buy it somewhere!Looking forward to seeing what you do with it :).

    Ps. I’m a little jealous of you living in London, I studied/lived there for nearly 1.5yr, but the credit crisis made me move back to NL. I was heartbroken and will never not miss that city!

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