Another Sorbetto!!

I have a feeling that this pattern may get quite a bit of use… They’re just so easy and quick! I used the same alterations as last time, I did try to make it on the bias but unfortunately I didn’t have enough fabric.

I bought this fabric after a boozy lunch on goldhawk road with my lingerie course friends… Post lunch, I was left unsupervised in the fabric shops after lunch and this is what happened – I bought this cotton voile fabric for about £4. It’s a blue, black and white paisley pattern with gold dots on it. The blue is a little bit darker than in the pictures.

I only bought a metre of it as I knew I wanted it as a top. Normally it’s not something that I would pick out but I guess sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone!

I forgot to staystitch the neckline last night as I was making this from memory and not using the instructions, so the neckline is a little bit baggy. But I don’t think you really notice it unless you are looking for it…

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