The Last of the Summer Maxi Skirt…

The UK has finally been granted a little bit of summer, so we are enjoying a few warm days and here’s the evidence! You wouldn’t think it was nearly October would you? It was so hot yesterday! And if you look closely there is a black cat (mine) being naughty and sitting in the iron bath which I only ever seem to be able to grow weeds in…

I’ve had a pretty stupendous cold that I caught last week that has really knocked me for six – I don’t usually suffer so badly but this one was not a very nice one. Added to that, I’ve returned to university and started a master’s in community nursing. So it’s been pretty exciting, tiring and hectic all at the same time… Leaving me with little time or inclination to sew¬† – despite having lots of things that I need to do!

At the moment I have a half-finished baby quilt, half-finished bombshell dress and a cut out sorbetto top awaiting me… So whilst I could have sorted those things out, I chose to make something new. (I’m not sure about my logic sometimes…)

I love maxi skirts, my favourite skirt when I was about 17 was a woolly maxi skirt that I used to wear to school. I find them particularly flattering as they hug your curves and elongate your figure. Plus they are a great skirt for loafing, particularly great for the weekend – when you wake up feeling lazy and you want to wear something relaxed and un-fussy.

So, I am pretty glad that they seem to be back in fashion again. I chose a grey jersey from fabrics galore with a wide encased elastic waistband. I cut it on the bias, so in theory it should be more flattering… Although the fabric itself is quite drapey so I doubt it has made that much of a difference!

The waistband admittedly is a bit of a mess because I wasn’t feeling well enough and therefore didn’t have my usual amount of patience. There’s a lesson for me somewhere! Still, it’s wearable which is the main thing and sometimes I need to be less critical of the things that I make and just wear the d*** thing!

I might make this again but next time I might see what it’s like when it’s cut on the straight grain or perhaps with a stiffer jersey…

4 thoughts on “The Last of the Summer Maxi Skirt…

  1. Karin says:

    What a lovely, easy to wear piece! This would be good in winter too. I could definitely see it with boots and tights. I can’t even see the waistband. You would probably not wear anything tucked in anyway I am thinking.

    • Freya says:

      Thanks! I agree, I think the skirt would look really cool with some boots, maybe some biker boots?? No you’re right, I won’t be wearing anything tucked in!

  2. 5currantbuns says:

    You are right they are so flattering, and so versatile, great for house lounging around and with the right accessories to jish them up a bit, great to wear out…

    and may I say that the grey looks great on you

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