Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty Exhibition…

Melanie Rickey the editor of Grazia magazine has started an online petition to bring home the Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibition. It’s been picked up today in the comments section of the Evening Standard where they’ve stated that even the V&A are keen to house it!

So if you have a spare minute, show your support and sign this petition.

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This is cut and pasted from the Grazia website because I can’t put it any better than this:


1. Lee Alexander McQueen was born and raised in London by Londoners.

2. He was educated at London’s most famous art school St Martins School of Art, and trained on London’s most famous tailoring street, Saville Row

3. He lived, worked and was largely inspired by London.

4. He began and made his name and career in London

5. He loved London

6. The Alexander McQueen business is based in London, and directed by an English designer.

7. British people want this

2 thoughts on “Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty Exhibition…

  1. DSWarren says:

    It is wonderful to see that the McQueen camp is supporting the exhibition to travel, beginning with London. Certainly the option of having this travel to other cities can’t be far behind although like in this case it’s certain that they cannot disclose anything yet until plans are confirmed.

    McQueen is our generation’s Dior regarding creativity while respecting and integrating history into his design. His creative volume is in line with that of Picasso. During his life, McQueen had conveyed to the media his desire to spread his vision throughout the world, taking his collection to the public via a live streaming broadcast. He mused the concept of showcasing his collections via hologram stations the world after enjoying success with such technology demonstrated in the “Widows of Culloden” presentation.

    Let’s support not only the exhibition to come home but more so to have it travel. There are many who should enjoy the honor of seeing the greatness of another British citizen.

    here is the link:

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