London Riots…

By now, I am sure everyone globally has heard about what’s going on in London… Today is day 4, i’ve been sent home from work early, after a mass email advised everybody at work to start thinking about getting home as there had been reported disturbances in and around Tooting. Getting on the tube was eery, there were two people on the escalator including me – during the middle of the day. That never happens.

Getting home, I see the picture framing shop are boarding up their windows, the Spanish cafe is shutting up shop with their metal shutters behind the windows and people being turned away from the 24/7. It is definitely not business as usual here.

But it’s sights like these that warm my heart – or as Londoners would say – warm my cockles. Spontaneous Riot Clean ups are happening all over London, restoring our faith in human nature. This is Clapham Junction this afternoon and the people that went to clean up from last night’s riots.

Image taken from here

3 thoughts on “London Riots…

    • Freya says:

      Thank you! I think it’s pretty much over now, last night was really quiet – but that might have something to do with the 3 police vans parked along the high street and all the shops being closed!

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