A Green and Blue Eclair…

A good month and a bit after June, or more precisely, the June sewalong finishing. I finally got my rear in gear! Yes, shamefully it has taken me that long to hem a dress. Let’s not mull over the reasons why…

Instead let’s muse over my newest creation – the Colette Patterns Eclair. I cannot fault the instructions, it really is so easy to put together. It’s made from Linen and the lining/contrast tie is a navy blue silk/cotton blend. Both from my local fabric shop – Fabrics Galore. I know, I know – linen creases like mad  (or so my mother would tell me) but I love the feel of the linen and the silk/cotton. I used to cringe whenever my mum would take what I was trying on in a shop and scrunch a bit up in her hand to see how badly it creased. Yet, it only shows that the older you get, the more you get like your mum! As I find myself doing exactly the same these days…


Alterations? Not really. I took some of the fabric out of the skirt part of the dress as I don’t suit a really full skirt. And I added the optional boning. I’m really glad I did as I think it really makes the dress. I like how the back of the bodice is smooth and straight because of the boning.

I would definitely recommend this dress to everybody! I’m afraid despite it being a very summery dress, the British weather was not cooperating and it is distinctly overcast in my pictures!!

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