Beautiful Bras….

I was going to put up a photo of myself wearing one of these bras as it’s difficult to see them fully without being on a mannequin or on a human body – But as my dad reads this blog sometimes, I thought that might be a little bit weird… And I’m not sure I really want the world to see my bust! So, you will have to make do with seeing my bras posed artfully on a cushion instead.

I’ve been learning how to make structured bras. The first one is a simple darted bra and the second is a Balconette. They are both too small for me because I was using my teacher’s patterns and her patterns only go up to a 36 C or D.




The fabric is a silk/cotton blend that my teacher used in her range when had her own lingerie label. The cotton lace is also hers.


Inside the bra: A French dart and the underwire casing.
The Balconette Bra


Fabric and Lace are from The Sewing Chest  – A great place online to get bra making supplies. This is the Bra Refill kit – Paris – Lava.


And a shot of the inside…


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