The June Challenge… Summary

Well, as expected I didn’t complete it! So being the optimist that I am, I am going to call July the ‘Just get it done July!’. Catchy, non? Perhaps you can tell that I do not have a job in advertising…

I am actually finished with dress number two except for the hemming – always the most boring part of the process (except for tracing out/cutting). Here’s the proof:

It is a dress I promise!

In truth I have been completely overwhelmed by my lingerie course. So the last half of June was more like a desperate sprint to the finish for my course. I’m all done now and all sewed out! (More on that later this week…)

Samples for my technical folder

I am still going to make dress three and four, as I had been hoping to wear number four to my rather significant birthday this past weekend. I will just have to make it and wear it to my belated birthday bash in August instead…

So, June was spent making two dresses, finishing off a pair of knickers, making a slip and two suspender belts… All in all not that shabby! Also, every June I get distracted by this…

Any guesses?

So July is about finishing ALL of my unfinished things, my UFO’s and those annoying mending jobs plus dress number three and four! Actually there is a lot to do and finish but I need a good spring clean and clear out and I hate having UFO’s lying around, they’re like a sort of lingering fog that don’t go away… They make me guilty for starting something new when I know I should be finishing them off.

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