The Burda 101 Dress – More Pictures!

I have been meaning to get round to taking some proper pictures of the first finished June Challenge dress however the weather here in the UK has been miserable! Since we seemed to have skipped Spring altogether when we went straight into Summer from Winter back in March/April – it seems that the weather does want to give us the April Showers that we missed out on earlier this year…

I wouldn’t usually mind, however it’s Wimbledon next week and this is the only year that my mum and I have gotten tickets through the ballot – And I am sincerely hoping that we do not have a Wimbledon washout!

(For any of you out there that have never been to Wimbledon, if you don’t get a ticket through the ballot or through a corporate freebie, then the only way you get a ticket is to queue on the day. And, well, us Brits we know how to queue… I think last year it took me only a mere three and a half hours to get to the entrance stiles to buy our ticket…)

Anyway back to the dress, I love it, I am very happy with it and I just wish it was sunnier so I could wear it!

Look, you see I am very happy with it!

Reason number 105 to buy  a remote control camera – trying to twirl around to a time delay shot will only result in a bump on the head and feeling incredibly dizzy!

You can sort of see the texture of the Swiss dot in this picture…

And in this one… but it is very difficult to photograph for some reason!

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