The June Challenge – Week 2

Dress number 2 is the lovely Colette Patterns Chantilly – strapless, fitted, with a gathered skirt and optional boning…

What I love about Colette patterns is that they seem to be made  especially for the curvier girl. So for me it is lovely to make up one of their patterns and I rarely have to alter them with an FBA. And I usually can get away with making up one of the Colette patterns without doing a toile, except in this case, I am glad I did one!

Sadly I’m a lot plumper than I was last year – I was even thinking whilst trying on this toile that I could continue to make it up in the same size and just lose weight…. I realise now from the cold hard facts that are the photos on my computer, this is definitely not the sensible option! So, I will be making up the pattern in the larger size.

So here is my toile…

2 thoughts on “The June Challenge – Week 2

  1. Stephanie says:

    I like Colette patterns too because they are made for curvier people. I didn’t even have to an FBA on the last Colette pattern I worked with. I’m excited to see your Chantilly!

    • Freya says:

      Thank you! I’m looking forward to getting it done too. I bought a lovely linen for it, but I think sadly my weekend is going to be filled doing other more urgent yet not so interesting activities… so it might be a while before I get it done.

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