The June Challenge – Week 1

First up, we have the Burda dress 101. Potentially the easiest of all four dresses. I say that cautiously as you never know what will happen. It’s a bit like saying ‘it’s quiet’ as a nurse when you are on your shift, because I guarantee that all hell will break loose as soon as you utter those immortal words!

As always, life gets in the way and as a result it’s been a slow start for me to the June challenge. As I mentioned earlier, I altered the bodice pattern earlier last week, so all I really needed to do was make a toile and get on with things!

I was pretty happy with the  toile, the back is a little baggy, so I’ve not made any alterations – however I have now finished the bodice part of the dress and inadvertently managed to eliminate that excess ease anyway! I’m really looking forward to finishing this dress as I think already that it might become one of my Summer staples…

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