Preparing for the June Challenge!

Knowing that I’ll be short of time, I don’t suppose it’s strictly cheating but I used the public holiday we had here in the UK on Monday organising myself! With the June sew-along at the forefront of my mind, I’ve been wondering all weekend what would be the best approach to altering and fitting these patterns…

I spent most of the day coming up with a bodice block and then fitting a toile of the block. (This is before I realised that I could probably only get away with using it on one dress, still I have a personalised bodice block of myself now…)

Cue horrid picture of myself wearing toile made from the bodice block – Can anybody pull off wearing a toile??

After that, I used the bodice block to alter one of the patterns for the June challenge – the Burda dress. I’ve simply used my block, transferred it onto the Burda pattern, incorporated the dart that I have in my block, which the Burda pattern doesn’t have and thrown it to the side… fingers crossed it works…

For the Colette patterns dress, I already have this pattern cut out from a while ago so I have simply cut out the muslin pieces with a bit of extra length to them as I think this is where I will need to alter it. After considering the Simplicity dress pattern, I’ve decided that the best option for me is to use the size that corresponds closest to my bust measurement – as this would be the hardest piece to alter. I think I may add some length to the bottom bodice piece and then see  how the muslin fits, before working out where to alter it!

Yes that’s right, I am actually going to make toiles for these dresses. I usually skip that part – often wishing that I hadn’t. However to save time and calico, I’m only going to make toiles of the bodice parts as the skirts for all patterns are pretty simple. I’ve actually made a toile for the Vogue 1174 dress before, but it was so hideous, that I think the best approach for now is to just not think about it!

3 thoughts on “Preparing for the June Challenge!

  1. Freya says:

    Thank you Karin! I’m hoping that the violet won’t look ‘too much’, that it won’t make me look like some sort of liberty explosion! The thing I hate about toiles is doing them, they’re the one thing that makes me feel like it’s a chore!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I’ll have to make toiles of all of my June Challenge dresses too. I can never do without one. It would just spoil the fabric. There are always changes to be made, especially for the bodice part, I often skip the skirt toiles too. Good luck with your fitting and toling. Looking forward to the results!

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