News Round up….

I was sorely tempted to do Tilly’s sewing productivity report, however I knew that the last two weeks were going to be pretty hectic and that I was doubtful any sewing would get done!

My excuse for not doing an awful lot?

Spending a week at home in Gloucestershire, seeing all my family, especially my sister and my little nephews! Relaxing, then getting ill…

Becoming godmother to my eldest nephew!

Applying to jobs – I need a change…

Trying to be creative (a bit of a struggle for a science graduate!) and coming up with a storyboard for my lingerie class!

Finishing a toile of my knickers for lingerie class – ‘Granny pants’ is all I am going to say on that subject. Somebody may or may not need a bit more practice putting elastic in….!

Starting a baby quilt (x2) – now, I know I’m mad, and i’m especially mad for considering this when there are a HEAP of other things that need to be done considering how much hand sewing is involved!

Considering Me-Made-June

And finally making masses of scones for a royal themed garden party! Which was brilliant (Thank you Jamie!). I loved the dress and am now currently obsessing over carrickmacross lace and jacking my job in and going to study at the Royal School of Needlework!

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