Yummy Fabric!

The problem with fabric shops is that every time I go into my local one they have such lovely things that you need to buy as soon as you see it or it will have sold out by the time you come back!

I’ve been fairly restrained with purchasing fabric (or so I thought). I’ve been trying to use up what I have in my stash rather than resorting to buying anything else.

However, when I popped into the shop the other day, I was surprised to find this fabric that I had seen months ago and which had sold out had now been restocked. So a week later, I returned and whilst buying fabric for the Pendrell blouse, I ended up buying 4.5 metres of a grey linen with green, black and white birds…   I decided to grab my chance to get it before it sold out again. I’m hoping to turn this lovely material into some very posh Roman blinds…

I did also consider this linen material that is more like a traditional French toile with black birds. Both I think are beautiful. However at £22/metre this one will have to wait until I win the lottery!

I also ordered some lovely swatches from Ditto Fabrics. Melissa from Fehr Trade raves about them. It’s the first time I’ve ordered fabric swatches online and I’m pleasantly surprised…

 Trouble is, I love them all!!

4 thoughts on “Yummy Fabric!

  1. Natalie says:


    I’m in Essex and work in London and check out your blog frequently for your fabric purchases! Where oh where do you find such lovely stuff? What shops would you recommend I check out?


    • Freya says:

      Hi Natalie, Thank you for your lovely comment! I mostly shop at a place called Fabrics Galore on Lavender Hill in Battersea, If you google, you will get their website and address. I always seem to find something lovely there and the staff are really helpful! I tend to avoid places like John Lewis as it’s a bit too expensive/uninspiring. I also sometimes buy online but that can be a bit hit and miss!

      Lots of London bloggers go to Goldhawk Road where there are many fabric shops. Melissa at Fehr Trade has a great review of the shops here http://www.fehrtrade.com/article/140/london-fabric-shops-goldhawk-road.

      I hope that helps!

      • Natalie says:

        Thanks Freya. I’ve been to Goldhawk Road a few times and it is good but I’ve heard recently that there are plans to demolish most of the fabric shops there for housing which is sad. Also I really need to improve on my fabric buying abilities as I always come back with stash supplies and nothing for any projects I actually have in mind…Practice makes perfect they say! I’ll make a trip to both you’ve suggested. Thanks!

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