Miranda Skirt

I finished this lovely skirt off over the weekend. I’m pretty pleased with it as it the first thing I’ve made in a while that I think fits me properly! Unlike the too big Beignet Skirt or the made for a pear shape Lady Grey Coat when I’m definitely an Apple…

To make your own version, Sherry of Pattern Scissors Cloth has written very clear instructions over on her blog! And it is so straightforward and easy to make up. Perfect, when like me you are desperate for something new to wear to work and you hate everything else in your wardrobe…

Fabric is from fabrics galore in London. It is a John Kaldor remnant that I got for £6, bargain!

I somehow ended up with more fabric than I was supposed to on the waistband so I put a buttonhole there.

I also sewed in a small centred zip, weirdly the first time I’ve done this as when I first learned how to sew, I used to sew invisible zips only despite normal zips being much easier to sew.

The obligatory twirly skirt photo shot…

And a lovely picture of my daffodils that are sitting on the table in my bedroom, aren’t they lovely? Having flowers around, always cheers me up.

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