Last year I tried and seriously failed to make a Colette Patterns Beignet skirt. I hate wasting things and it took me a while to bin the evidence of that failure – I mean it’s perfectly good fabric and never worn, but once Freya scissorhands had got at it – well, it was never going to be fit for human wear ever again!

But every time I look at Tilly’s blog over at Tilly and the Buttons she seems to have made up another Beignet skirt! She’s up to three whilst I’ve been leaving this pattern to gather dust on my bookshelf…

So the day of the earthquake in Japan, the day that I was supposed to be flying to Tokyo (oh yes, that is a whole other story), I decided to try again, determined to nail this pattern. And… Well, I’m quite chuffed with how it’s going actually!

I’m using a medium weight cotton twill in a sort of light grey/putty colour with a white silk/cotton blend for lining – both fabrics from Fabrics Galore.

I’ve overlocked all the seams – This time I overlocked all the pieces before I sewed the seams. Call me slow but previously I have only ever overlocked after I have sewn the seams and as a result never really liked the finish. But it looks a lot tidier now.

All that’s left is Belt loops, hemming and buttons…

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