Coat Framboise!

The Lady Grey is finally finished! I may have done a little¬†hop, skip and a jump yesterday afternoon to celebrate… Unfortunately though I’m not particularly enamoured with my chosen buttons and the sleeve lining is pulling up the sleeve – Not good. So I need to fix that…. What are the best options? Shorten the sleeve or let out the lining a bit more?

I did take pictures – but they are ridiculous. I tried to look all arty with a cupcake. What was I thinking??? I say, leave it to the kids… I’m too old for this game ūüôā Here’s the evidence….


I really couldn’t face¬†putting up the other photos¬†– they were ridiculous! The cup cake met it’s demise a bit later on though…. mmm…

Here’s a not so rubbish photo – but I really need to get someone to take photos for me! And I am sure I saw my neighbour’s shutters twitching when I was taking these. What must they have thought? Crazy lady posing with a cup cake??? (I have actually cropped out the sinister looking¬†cupcake in this photo…)


And it’s the end of February and I still haven’t made up my vintage sewalong dress…. probably because I end up doing things like losing four hours of my life (that I will never ever get back!!) listing items on eBay – I am being ruthless with my fabric stash. And I still have some more things to list but frankly I am losing the will to live…

When that’s all done I have a tonne of other things to be getting on with,¬†so I am not entirely sure if i’ll be doing much sewing in the next couple of weeks… I need a sewing break after¬†all of the¬†Lady Grey extravaganza.

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