Chanel Jacket Upcycle…

Well no, I wouldn’t really upcycle a genuine jacket, If I really did own an eponymous Coco Chanel jacket, I would probably never have the guts to alter it! However, I do quite like the boxy, cropped masculine look of them and think they look really smart with skinny jeans (am I showing my age here?).

As I am not a lady with the means required to afford couture on a daily basis. Ok, that should be, can’t afford couture full stop! My Jacket is actually from ASOS. I bought it a year ago and have never really worn it. Thought it looked pretty cool in the picture but when I got it I thought the chain/leather bit on it made it look a bit tacky and the shoulder pads were a bit too much for my shoulders.

This is the before picture – the chain/pleather bit was on both sides of the jacket front.

Here’s a close up of the nastiness!

So after ripping off the leather and taking out the shoulder pads, I found some lovely trim at my local haberdasher’s and handstitched it on. It’s fabric roses on a mesh gauze, applied a bit like bias binding. Then I ripped out the ugly shoulder pads and slipstitched the opening closed. Et Voila…

Here’s me doing the ‘It….will…….d***….it!!!’ Impression:

Here’s a close up of the trim:

And last but not least – check out my poinsettia in the background! I am constantly amazed that this plant has survived so long, usually they only last about a week after you’ve bought them! It’s nearly March.

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