Oh Lady Grey…

I cannot tell you how irritable I have become, simply by having this coat lying around in my flat…. I feel like it is sort of stifling me as I can’t start or finish anything else until this coat is done. So I spent the weekend in a sewing rage – not because things were going wrong with it but because it has been taking so long to finish!!  Two weeks have gone by, waiting for an extra half metre of interlining to turn up – which of course it hasn’t….

(On a side note, when you order something online, I think it would be courteous to be informed if something is out of stock – either by stating it on the website as out of stock or perhaps a little email after you have committed to buy. Not an afterthough on my delivery note (for something else) saying the interlining is out of stock and will follow. Well, it’s been two weeks since then, not only do I not have it, I have had no communication enlightening me as to when it will turn up. If I had wanted to wait I would have gone into town to get it! Ok, rant over, I apologise, full service is now commencing….)

So instead of waiting a minute longer for some non existent interlining, I unpicked the interlining that I had already attached and started to put it all together.

I spent most of Sunday morning  pad stitching – If I don’t have to pad stitch another thing for the rest of my life, I would be ecstatic…!

All I have left to do is stitch the seams down, hem it and attach the lining – I was attempting to catchstitch the hems, to avoid bulk at the seams, but my wool is not obeying! I was considering topstitching but I’ve had second thoughts about the topstitching thread I have got for it and how it would end up looking.

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