Sewing at the speed of a snail…

Frustratingly for me I’ve not finished anything in what seems like quite a while! I have been working on the Lady Grey coat
at a snail’s pace…

The buttonholes didn’t take long but I’ve estimated that the padstitching on the lapels has taken me about 4
to 5 hours each! Definitely not one of the speediest sewers! But the good thing about this slow process is that I am keeping my
resolutions to take time to finish things off better and that I am learning new techniques! But I am feeling pretty pleased with
myself for finishing that part off, I feel like it’s a bit of an accomplishment because I’ve learnt something new and got the hang
of it. And I love my buttonholes!

(n.b. I’ve been following Gertie’s very informative posts on tailoring your Lady Grey Coat –
so if you are looking for a great tutorial on tailoring – go there, alternatively this book (Tailoring: The classic guide to sewing the perfect Jacket)┬áis also really great, very pictorial with step by step photos and very easy to understand.)

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