A peak inside LCF…

For those of us who are domestic seamstresses, chances are we rarely get a peak at what a real life fashion college looks like… (Unless you live in a big city and take a course at one) So yesterday afternoon I was very lucky to be invited to have a tour around the London College of Fashion and I thought it was my duty to share and report back to you all! Warning – lots of lovely pictures coming up!

There were lots of pattern cutting rooms:  Look at all that space! This is not the best picture as some of the rooms were occupied and there were lots more dress forms than this!

Then there were three massive rooms with lots and lots of industrial machinery for classes:

A room FULL of steaming/pressing equipment:

I’d love to know what this presses:

I wish I had taken a picture of ‘the fabric store’ where students can get hold of fabric and muslin… Amazing…

My favourite room was the specialised equipment room! Oh, how I want ALL of these industrial machines!! The technicians there demonstrated a few of the machines and they are just brilliant! I am so envious of fashion students!! ( I will now try and remember what these are all called!)

This one is a rouleau strap maker:

This one is a flat fell seam maker:

The one on the right attaches elastic (and the one on the left I can’t remember I’m afraid.):

This is an industrial binder:

This is a variable speed industrial zig zag machine:

There was also an industrial buttonholer, industrial bar tack stitch machine, a laser pattern cutting machine and lots more…

I hope that this was an enjoyable little insight!

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