Vintage Sewalong Muslin No. 1

I’ve decided to go with this pattern for the Vintage Sewalong:

Primarily because once I’ve tweaked the fit, the construction of it is very straightforward and easy – and I really wasn’t looking for something too complicated. I’ve always liked the look of this pattern and I am desperate for a few dresses for work!

I started altering the pattern at the weekend – this is definitely the hardest part! It’s basically a one piece pattern with darts – so the trick here is getting the position and the depth of the darts just right.  I’m quite pleased with my first effort – I know it’s far from perfect! I’m just pleased that the alterations I did make at least meant that the muslin fitted! I’ve added about 3 to 4″ at the bust area, about an 1″ to the waist and I think about 2″ to the hips.

I’ve got a lot of bagginess at the top on both the front and on the back that needs to be addressed. I also think that the front darts are a bit weird, I think they might need to be positioned a little bit lower. I also think think they probably need to be double pointed darts

2 thoughts on “Vintage Sewalong Muslin No. 1

  1. elise says:

    I love your pattern choice– I really want to add (what would you call it? a jumper?) to my wardrobe. Your fitting efforts look great so far! I can’t wait to see how it turns out 🙂

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