A Little Lace Macaron…

I’m not joking about it being little either! Either Christmas has not been kind on my waistline or I have been a little unrealistic on my actual measurements (again!) as can be seen by the groaning zip that took me a good ten minutes to force closed!

I started this dress just before Christmas, I’d been wanting a quick evening dress to make. Unfortunately I ran out of time before going off on holiday. There wasn’t much to do except finish off the zip area, hemming and some general tidying up.


Well I guess that teaches me to cut corners and make a muslin next time! I opted not to make the contrasting waistband and I also made a lining on the inside. I have never really come up with my own lining pattern before so I just cut the main part of the dress out in the shell fabric and in the lining fabric. I should definitely have put a bit more thought into that as the lining now also has pleats and I think this makes it more bulky around the midrift (in the pictures I think it makes my belly a lot rounder than it is) which is definitely not where I would want any extra bulk added!

Overall I’m quite happy with this dress, I won’t win any prizes with the construction of it but then again I didn’t set out to. As I tried on the dress for the photos, my mother kindly pointed out that I do have a tendency to make clothing that fits a bit too snug. I know really that I should be making adjustments but I just get lazy and then hope I can get away with it. (Which as I write this, I am thinking that isn’t that completely opposite to why most people go into dressmaking? To make things that fit you properly?) Maybe it is a size thing, the difficulty in admitting to yourself that you are a bigger size? I’d say it is probably a combination of the two for me, for I know next time, I really do need to make a muslin, a FBA and lengthen my dresses.

4 thoughts on “A Little Lace Macaron…

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Ah, besides tracing a pattern out, one of my least favorite tasks is figuring out what size to make for every garment I make. Either you feel bad beforehand or feel bad after. I feel your pain.

    The dress is super cute with that fabric combo though!

  2. Freya says:

    Thank you for your kind comment. Sizing is one thing that I will never fully get used to… It’s so depressing sometimes! Still at the end of the day there is no size label sewn in the back of the garment to permanently remind you I guess! 🙂

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