The Great Vintage Sewalong 2011

I love the idea of sewalongs… whether or not I finish it in the end or even in the allotted timeframe is another matter! But when I heard about the great vintage sewalong, I thought it would be a great idea to finally motivate me to make one of the vintage patterns that I own… So I joined.

As I’m trying to save money,  I will try to use something out of my stash and I will try not to buy another pattern. I just have no idea of what to make! I was reading the Blue Gardenia blog this morning and she was featuring an interview with the fabulous Erica B and how she got started in sewing (I really love these insights into other people’s sewing lives and spaces) and what really struck me was her advice for beginners – make something that you really love and something that you really want to wear. This is so true for all skill levels though!

Which brings me back to my vintage patterns dilemma, what to make! Finding something that I will want to wear everyday and not something that is costumey..


Potential outfit ideas so far:-

I have always loved the look of this dress, however this is one of those dresses that I think look great on the envelope but in reality might look ridiculous! I do love the idea of tweed though…

I actually started a toile on this vintage vogue a while ago with plans to make it in a black taffeta… But I don’t really wear full skirts too often…

Or this one could make a lovely sun dress/tea dress… But I’m just not sure what sort of fabric I have that would go with it.

Or I might change my mind and make a blouse…. 🙂

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