McCall’s M5525 – Finally Finished!

It feels like I’ve been doing this for ages! There are lot’s of pictures as I managed to get them in just before the winter sunlight faded away this afternoon. Overall I’m relieved that I’ve finished it but truthfully I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed with it… My mum has been saying how her aunty (who doesn’t sew anymore but back in the day was pretty awesome) – used to end up giving the clothes she made away because she wasn’t happy with them because she was a complete perfectionist! I  may not be a perfectionist (yet!) but I do think I could have done it better, so I know where she is coming from 🙂

However generally I am one of life’s optimists and so therefore the positives include actually finishing it! Overcoming a lot of topstitching woes and learning why it was going wrong and I am really pleased with my catch stitching on the hems. (Even though you won’t see that!) I am pleased that my hand sewing skills are improving.

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