Trench Coat Update

I have spent all weekend furiously trying to finish off my trench coat. I must warn you that there has been quite a lot of swearing involved! I have had a lot of topstitching drama – I just cannot get the tension right on my sewing machine. It is forever looping underneath and then the needle gets stuck. To top it all off I then I ran out of  top stitching thread and it’s a Sunday!!  But It’s all done really except for attaching the lining to the main coat and then top stitching that down + buttonholes.Not that much left to do, I am gutted I couldn’t finish it though. It’s been hanging over me for months and I feel like I can’t start anything else without finishing this off.

So I know the next thing on the list is a coat – I’d like to do the Lady Grey from Colette Patterns – especially as I noticed that my RTW coat from Mango that I only bought last year has a that seems to be disintegrating before my eyes. And well, the outer coat fabric is just, well, shabby… However, I just fancy something quick and easy for my next project, something preferably sleeveless! I am beginning to realise how much I hate the words ‘ease’ and ‘sleeves’ in one sentence…

Update: Due to another tube strike this morning, I can’t go into town to get the topstitching thread so have got it on eBay instead! And I have now worked out why the sewing machine hates topstitching – apparently the gutermann top stitch thread is such a heavyweight thread it is designed more for industrial machines and when you use it on domestic machines you should use a lightweight sew – all thread as the bobbin thread! I really should read the Pattern Review site more often, it’s virtually guaranteed that if there is anything you want to know about sewing it will probably be on there.

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