Lady Grey Muslin

After having finished my nephew’s little coat, I sat down at my desk the other evening, determined to make a start to my trench coat. (Now that I have all the bits and pieces for it and the pattern pieces and lining are all cut out – Believe it or not!)

I set up the sewing machine. Wind a new bobbin, change the needle and test the stitching out. Then I look at the pattern instructions. Step 1 – baste the interfacing to the shell fabric. ‘oh, the interfacing!!!’ I had completely forgotten to cut that out…. or pre-wash it!

So, instead I ended up making the muslin for the lady grey coat. Because that was cut out. However, why on earth I cut out a lining piece and not the sleeves, I do not know! Hence no sleeves. Silly me!

Not too much to do here I don’t think, I’m pretty happy with the fit here – Sadly my bum is not blessed like Beyonce so I don’t need a swayback adjustment. Although I am quibbling about whether or not take out a bit of the fullness at the hips from the coat or not?

But what I will have to do is a full bust adjustment. That I cannot ignore! I think this should be pretty easy to do as it a princess seamed coat but I have never done one so fingers crossed. Unfortunately having coats (and shirts) that fit around my waist and then strain at the bust is a common problem for me. I should point out that I don’t go out of my way to buy badly fitting clothes but like many women, one of the first areas that I gain or lose weight is from my bust. Which is why I am really looking forward to wearing a coat that is more generousaround that area and tailored to my shape!

One thought on “Lady Grey Muslin

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I am facing the same issue today my friend with the weight gain/loss issue at the bust. My TNT dress is not fitting me now because of it. I wish I could say it was because of loss, but alas, I cannot.

    Your muslin looks pretty good except for the things you mentioned. Good luck!

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