Saturday Night Dress…

What’s a girl to do when she has nothing to wear in her wardrobe? Make something of course!

So instead of finishing off my nephew’s coat and finishing off my trench I decided to make Cynthia Rowley Simplicity pattern 2406 – View B.

The aim was to finish it in one day – I started it on Saturday and unfortunately I did not finish it off in time to wear it out that night, but it is now finished and ready for any future Saturday nights!

I cut out a size 16 but graded it to an 18 at the bust. The dress is quite straightforward to put together but gets a bit fiddly with the sleeves. The sleeves are actually quite easy to make but It wasn’t until I had attach them to the main dress that I just couldn’t understand what the instructions meant so I ended up ‘freestyling’ and doing my own thing. It took longer than I expected because I ended up hand stitching the facing to the armholes into place and blind stitching the hem by hand.

The back is split quite low and I haven’t altered that yet but I’m thinking of either putting in another hook and eye closure around where my bra band sits or alternatively to sew up to the point where my bra band sits.I know other reviewers of this dress have had the same problem too.

I used a navy blue silky fabric which I’m pretty sure is synthetic but it has a nice drape and feel. I can’t remember where I bought it from. (I think it was from somebody selling off their mother’s old dressmaking fabrics on eBay) I don’t think I will make it as a dress again though; however I think it would make a nice top. I really love the cut out shoulders and the gathering at the front but it could benefit from some darts at the bust for some more shape.

The sash is essential for the dress but I think this dress would look great with a bit of ‘toughening up’ with one of those big black leather waist cinching belts.


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