The Knitting and Stitching Show

Not been up to much sewing recently – to be honest have not really been particularly motivated as other things in my life have been getting me down recently and I have a stinking cold on top of my list of woes. It’s just one of those colds that keep lingering…. absolutely horrid.

What better to cheer me up but a visit to the knitting and stitching show in North London.

I have never been to Alexandra Palace, I think this was Princess Di’s home in London, it’s surrounded by park land and the view from the palace is lovely.

I’ve never been to any stitching shows so I went to see what goes on at these kinds of places. I’m not sure what I was expecting but most of it was geared to the quilter and the knitter and not much for dressmaking. Although it’s promoted as a textile fair there is very little in the way of actual fabric being sold, more fat quarters and textile exhibitions from textile artists. There were some amazing things being done with paper though. I would love to have taken a lot more photos but most of the exhibitions had signs up saying not to take photos.

I love this book – totally amazing. I think the exhibit was called Holland Paper.

This picture (if I remember rightly) is like the beautiful Roger La Borde cards where designs are laser cut paper – I love how it looks almost like a Vincent Van Gogh painting with the brushstrokes

I can’t remember what this one was but I just thought it was very interesting

The other good thing was that it promoting the various small and unusual guilds and associations we have in the UK – like the lacemaking, the WI, the beading and the Japanese embroidery guilds to name but a few. I think it is an excellent platform to promote some of the traditional crafts and get people interested in them. Some of it is a real dying artform. For example Nottingham Lace used to be the best lace in the world along with the French made Lace. The French lace industry has survived over the years whilst Nottingham Lace has all but died out. Such a shame.

So whilst there wasn’t that much for me see in the way of dressmaking, I *ahem* may have ended up walking away substantially poorer than I came because there was a Bernina dealer there… Oh dear. I blame my parents not being at home at that specific moment of weakness because I specifically phoned my mum so she could talk me out of it – And when she didn’t answer the phone that evil salesman lured me into a trap where I was being subjected to the most vile and horrendous sales patter, then they beat me into submission,  I had barely enough energy left after their mental torture to tap in my pin before they menacingly smiled at me and waved me off… They even had the cheek to kiss me on the cheek… Honestly the things these people do to secure a sale!

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