School days coat…

I started work on my little nephew’s coat yesterday evening. Not being particularly quick with my projects I am extremely aware of how big that boy has gotten already – so I don’t want to make a coat that he will have grown out of by the time he gets it! Also his birthday is later on this month and I am hoping that he gets it in time for that…

I am using the lovely Oliver + S school days pattern

I cut out my lining from this particularly lovely Alexander Henry Quilting cotton – my nephew loves all things mechanical like planes, trains, cars and diggers!

A close up of the awesome print

I then machine basted the cashmere/wool blend – a very dark navy blue – to 3M thinsulate bought from Pennine Outdoors. This is the first time I have used an interlining so it’s anyone’s guess as to how this will work out! I basted all the interlining pieces to the fabric pieces and not the lining pieces.

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