Colette Chantilly

I finally got round to taking some pictures of myself in Colette patterns Chantilly. I am really pleased with the fit of this dress although looking at the pictures I really should probably have added some length to the waist pieces and dropped the waist a little.

As usual Colette instructions are really comprehensive and easy to follow. I used the cotton voile from totally fabrics that made up the disastrous Butterick B5209. I am so glad I managed to re-use that. I am not keen on waste. I have yet to work out what people do with their left over muslins… I used a very nifty but fiddly bias binding attachment on my singer featherweight to attach binding to the armholes. Not the prettiest bias binding but functional. I think the key to that is not using the voile as binding as it was too slippery… I had had enough by the end and wanted it done so I have not technically hemmed it, I was feeling lazy and ended up doing a rolled hem on my overlocker. I may change this in the future to a proper hem, however I don’t want to lose any more length than I have to.

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