Fabric Fear

It’s official – I am utterly terrified of cutting into fabric! I love buying fabric and I have many exciting ideas in my head of how I am going to transform these fabrics into works of art! I get to the point where I’ve pre-washed the fabric, the pattern is cut out and the muslin is done. Then I stop. Absolutely terrified of cutting into the fabric, absolutely certain that it will end up as a complete disaster. This is how Vogue V1174 ended up a UFO, how Mccalls M5525 has been overlooked by other, easier things to make… And how I know that the Colette lady grey coat and the Oliver + S duffle coat will suffer the same fate if I don’t do anything about it…

Apparently in the US, September is national sewing month. I love how mainstream sewing in the US is, that you get a month to recognise how important domestic sewing has been to the US nation. So I propose that September’s Sewing month should go global and become International sewing month and that we all use this month to challenge ourselves further: try a new technique or in my case: overcome my fear and finish a UFO. Piqué somebody’s interest and teach them to sew, join a sew-a-long or even start one, make a list of things you want to accomplish and do them!

3 thoughts on “Fabric Fear

  1. 5currantbuns says:

    I started sewing again after a 10or so year gap but after rather a lot of cutting out disasters in a row I became too scared to cut and am appear to have become a collector of material rather than a sewer… I am better when I am experimenting with my own designs rather than following a pattern 😦

    I like the idea of an international sew september

    • Freya says:

      I think I may be heading the same way! I keep accumulating fabric, recently I keep being given more fabric than I know what to do with! That red rose liberty fabric is still not cut out although I should say that D-Day for that fabric is imminent. It’s hanging on the back of the chair ready to be cut out.

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